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Even though OG may be only left with two of it’s two-time winning TI champions on its active roster at this point in time, we still have many memories of them – many of which will be highlighted in True Sight: The International 2019 Grand Finals.

In less than five hours, broadcast via both Steam and Twitch, the World Premiere of True Sight: The International 2019 Grand Finals will take place. From posts via Valves TI Twitter account, we’ve already seen short images and videos of the two teams, OG and Team Liquid, as they enjoy the first viewing before it goes live to the public and in Berlin later this evening.

For anyone who does not know, True Sight is a documentary series that takes us on a magnificent, heartfelt and emotional journey behind the scenes of the two teams which have made it into the previous years’ iteration of The International; which for TI9 was obviously OG and Team Liquid. With OG having defended their title at TI9 – and making history in winning a second consecutive TI title, this True Sight is sure to be just as epic as the previous.

For viewers at home, True Sight will be broadcast via both Twitch and Steam and you can find the links below if you want to join in the journey that we witnessed in Shanghai, China in August of 2019.



Although OG may have gone through some huge changes in the past few days, this documentary is sure to fill us with nostalgia and memories of TI9 and the amazing roster that made Dota 2 history.

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