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The wait is over! TI10 Battle Pass is here and it comes with plenty of features, mini-games and a lot of grind to keep you busy during the lockdown.


In the brand new category, Valve has implemented this year the guild concept, emphasizing on the team play aspect of the game. Anyone can join a Guild, but the Guild itself can be created only by a Battle Pass owner. All members will help at leveling up the guild via Guild Points earned by completing daily contracts and guild challenges. The guild progression rewards emoticons, bonus challenges, in-game guild banner upgrades, Battle Pass bonuses, and more. The guild system expands to another new feature, The Sideshop.

Most of you will be happy to hear that the TI10 Battle Pass is also introducing mini-games popping up whenever the game is paused.

As for returning features, the TI10 Battle Pass has:

  • Rank Double Down that once per week grants the players the option to double their potential MMR gain or loss. Raising the Battle Pass to level 262, 435, and 755 will unlock two, three, and four double downs per week.
  • Collector’s Cache Voting for this year’s Collector’s Cache treasures
  • In game tipping
  • Arcana Vote
  • Evolving Chat Line: Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb
  • Recycling Arcanas – for Sideshop Gold
  • Trivia

Items Sets

Besides the Immortal treasure I, II, and III, this his year’s Battle Pass rewards also include:

Toy Butcher: Pudge Persona, unlocking at level 255.

Pudge Persona

The Discipline’s Path: Anti- Mage Persona, unlocking at level 305

Anti - Mage Persona

The One True King: Wraith King Arcana, unlocking at level 375

Wraith King Arcana

Eminence of Ristul: Queen of Pain Arcana, unlocking at level 445

Queen of Pain Arcana

Compass of the Rising Gale: Windranger Arcana, unlocking at level 575

Windranger Arcana

Summer event and new Cavern

In the coming soon category, valve announced a Special Summer Event, described as a “labyrinth of trails and horrors” waiting for one to master it all.

While waiting for the event to open, players can complete the Nightsilver & Foulfell, a  new cavern minigame rewarding special item sets.

Like every year, the Battle Pass includes plenty of emoticons, sprays, taunts, most notably Void Spirit and Snapfire get a taunt as well, chat wheel sounds, an announcer pack, a new terrain, unlocking at level 160, living towers, an evolving courier, and this year’s Music Pack, as well as the Emblem of Divinity, which matches this year’s golden theme. 

Find all the features and rewards on the official TI10 Battle Pass webpage and have fun leveling up!

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