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No one likes loopholes, unless they lead to something good! And one such loophole in the Weekend Bundle for the TI9 Battle Pass will allow players to purchase the second Weekend Bundle for one more day!

The Weekend Bundle was released on the 26th of June and will be available till the 1st of July and gives the buyer 120 Battle Pass levels, 9 x Immortal Treasure I, 6 x Immortal Treasure II and 3 x Immortal Treasure III. Ideally, every player is allowed to buy only one bundle. But a loophole allowed a few players to purchase two bundles. Now Valve, being the fair entity that they are, made sure that everyone got the chance to take advantage of this and made the second bundle available to all players who had purchased just one! However, this offer lasts just one day so if you wish to get that sweet second Weekend Bundle, you need to act fast.

Ever since the Weekend Bundle was released, the TI9 prize pool has shot up quite quickly. After the release on the 26th of June, the prize pool crossed $20 million and then went up another $3 million in the next three days!

So even though this might be a loophole, it doesn’t hurt Valve and the TI9 prize pool in anyway. Maybe this was an intentional “loophole”? We’ll never know, but it doesn’t matter. The good news is, we get twice the number of goodies for just $60. As recycling of treasures does not give levels this year, the second Weekend Bundle is a good way to make up for those lost levels.

The prize pool for TI8 was $25,532,177, which means we are less that $3 million from last year’s total! But that can be discussed later. For now, go and get that holy second Weekend Bundle!

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