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Riot Games is not messing around when it comes to their promotion of Teamfight Tactics. The League of Legends developer announced Monday the first-ever TFT tournament with a whopping $125,000 prize pool.

The tournament will feature 64 Twitch streamers spread into two groups. Day one will be the group stage and day two will be the top 16 finals.

With this prize pool, Riot’s TFT invitational ranks as the second best paying auto chess tournament after Drodo’s recent announcement of their $1M Shanghai event. By pulling in so many Twitch streamers, the TFT Showdown is also likely to bump up the game’s already solid viewership. After a small dip a few days after launch, TFT is back to pulling between 160-170K vieweship peaks and averaging 90K+ viewers on any given day.

TFT Showdown will take place July 17-18. Full list of participants will be announced July 8.

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