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Sixteen kills were scored in sixteen minutes in what is, for now, the most one sided game at WePlay! Pushka League. The most impressive part is that fifteen of those kills were landed by VP.Prodigy in their very first series in the tournament.’s youth team, VP.Prodigy made it to the main division of Pushka League via regional qualifiers. Their tournament debut was against the much more experienced Team Spirit, who should have been the favorite, at least in theory. However, nothing seemed to work for them today. The first game was a complete disaster for Team Spirit after they lost all the lanes, despite having a powerful line-up with a carry Bristleback, an offlane Necrophos and a mid lane Lina. VP.Prodigy were able to outplay them and secure crucial Roshan kills to keep the advantage on their side. Itemization was also key for VP.Prodigy and it enabled them to stand against the Bristle and fight into Team Spirit’s annoying Will-O-Wisp ultimate.

Going into the second game, VP.Prodigy obliterated Team Spirit, and more precisely their Anti-Mage. An offlane Sand King – Phoenix duo destroyed the laning stage for the AM to allow VP.P to play extremely fast and force a GG call at the 16 minute mark with the kill scoreboard stopping at 15 to 1 in their favor. The only kill found by Team Spirit came at the 13 minute mark on a support Treant Protector, who was a tad too far from his team in a dewarding mission.

VP.Prodigy vs Team Spirit

Team Spirit sit now on a 1-1 overall series score after taking a 2-0 victory over B8 on the second day of the group stage matches. They will return to their computers tomorrow, April 28, for a match-up with Natus Vincere. VP.Prodigy’s next series is scheduled for Wednesday, April 29 against FlyToMoon. 


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