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  • Y interview: “Looking back, I feel sad because I understand that we could have performed much better”

    By Taras BortnikSpecial to VPEsports A day before EHOME started their journey in the last Minor of the Dota Pro Circuit

    Misunderstandings and confusion in the EHOME camp, Iceice reveals the facts

    photo by: ESL One EHOME were eliminated from the Stockholm Major in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs matches.

    “Remember Avatar from WC3? It will be something like that” - If EHOME could design Mars

    At The International 2018 Valve promised that a completely new hero will be implemented to the game ‘this winter’. His

    Y and Faith_Bian Return to the Major Stage One and a Half Years Later

    Photo: EHOME The last time we saw any of the Wings players at a premier international tournament was at the Kiev