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Xiao8 returns to PSG.LGD and brings with him the majority of EHOME roster

China's big shuffle is ending today with a massive roster shake in the PSG.LGD quarters. The new line-up announcement made

Faith_bian temporally replaced by Xiao8 due to a new hand injury

Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida’s 2019 competitive year was plagued by injuries. At the very beginning of the year, he was forced

vtFaded removed from EHOME's roster

EHOME recently were involved in the MDL Chengdu Major, but after some extremely poor performances in the lower bracket, they would

Xiao8 announces Faith_bian’s return to EHOME and reveals the punishment for a bad practice day

EHOME are ready to welcome back the TI6 Champion offlaner, Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida. His recovery period from an arm injury

Xiao8 to his fans: “I have a feeling that Liquid will perform at the MDL Major”

Returned home with a second place finish at OGA Dota PIT Minor, Zhang "xiao8" Ning resumed his streaming schedule and

Misunderstandings and confusion in the EHOME camp, Iceice reveals the facts

photo by: ESL One EHOME were eliminated from the Stockholm Major in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs matches.

The Fall of Chinese Dota

Photo: By Valve Chinese Dota has been in decline in the last few years. Once a region that boasted the most

eGo flees from EHOME house during the night

“Stop asking me, he left the team himself,” EHOME’s coach Zhang "xiao8" Ning posted on Weibo early this morning. The

[UPDATE] Faith_bian Hospitalized Following an Injury Suffered During the Photo-shoot of MDL Macau

It almost feels like the entire Universe is conspiring these days against EHOME. The team is supposed to start their

Xiao8 Stands-in for EHOME at MDL Macau

EHOME’s travel schedule continues to get hectic and will force the team to play with their coach, Zhang "xiao8" Ning,

Chinese Dota 2 Players and Personalities React to the Monet - LGD Drama

Soon after LGD Gaming posted their official statement regarding Du “Monet” Peng contract infringement, a couple of well-known players went

EHOME Spirals Out of the TI8 Qualifiers

From bad to worse, the struggles that EHOME had to go through for the past two years culminated with them