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  • Fortnite v7.40 Adds Infantry Rifle, Changes to Ziplines & X-4 Stormwing - Patch Notes

    Epic has released update v7.40 to Fortnite. The patch brings an update to the #SharetheLove event and fans will certainly

    Known Fortnite Bugs, Workarounds, and Their Status

    Want to know what the developers are working on and whether or not that one glitch that keeps getting you

    Fortnite v7.01 Adds Infinity Blade Sword, X-4 Stormwing Nerf, & More

    Epic has rolled out patch v7.01 for Fortnite and once again its ripe with changes and new additions. Headlining the patch

    Fortnite Season 7 is LIVE! - v7.0 Patch Notes

    Season 7 is upon is and joining the wintery weather is a long list of patch notes.  v7.0 has gone