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  • Stop comparing esports’ numbers to sports’ — that’s not how it works

    Being the hot new investment lure people use to attract venture capital, esports has been continuously propped up in terms

    More than 1M people are watching WoW Classic on Twitch

    The World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic servers launched last night, the culmination of many months of expectation from the fans.

    SKT vs. G2 semifinal peaks at 1.68M viewers

    The 2019 Mid-Season Invitational has created one of the most exciting — and longest awaited — narratives in professional League of Legends:

    IEM Katowice Major peaks at 1.19M viewers

    IEM Katowice, the 14th CS:GO Major, concluded yesterday with a grand final that cemented the dominance of Astralis as the

    Although it's slowed down, Apex Legends is still #1 on Twitch

    Nobody expected Apex Legends to keep up with the record-breaking viewership numbers week in and week out. According to data

    Artifact Preview Tournament records 39,000 viewership peak

    Nov. 10-11 was the first test for televised Artifact through the Artifact Preview Tournament (APT). Organized by Valve and Beyond