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  • Kuku Versus China, The Epilogue

    Last night, Valve finally officially reacted to the ongoing  Carlo "Kuku" Palad vs China drama. While their press release lacks

    Valve Steps in After Attempted Cover up by TNC--Kuku Banned

    In the ongoing situation involving Kuku, TNC, and the Chongqing Major, Valve have stepped in with a statement. It was

    Chongqing Major Update: Valve Says TNC will not Incur a Point Penalty for Playing with a Stand-in

    There has been a lot of drama concerning TNC, Kuku and the Chongqing Major. TNC put up a series of

    Valve Disqualify the Former Pain X Roster from the Chongqing Major SA Qualifiers

    In a surprise announcement, Valve has disqualified 'test 123', the team comprising of most of the ex-Pain X members who

    Valve and Perfect World have officially launched Steam China

    Valve's market platform Steam officially got a Chinese vertical today. Steam China was launched in association with Perfect World, Valve's

    Kuku Might Get Banned from the Chongqing Major

    Tomorrow, November 25, TNC Predator are expected to play in the Southeast Asia regional qualifiers for the second Major of

    TNC Manager Takes the Blame for Kuku’s Cover-Up Story

    Following Carlo "Kuku" Palad’s racist comment that was made at the end of last month in a pub game, TNC

    Valve Releases Artifact Card Set and Deck Code APIs

    There are just 19 short days for the release of Valve's card game, Artifact. The game releases on the 28th

    Valve Replies to BurNIng Emails Regarding the Recent Racist Remarks of Skem and Kuku

    Earlier today, Team Aster’s founder Xu "BurNIng" Zhilei shared on Weibo the emails he exchanged with Valve regarding the recent

    Artifact Beta Delayed - October 50th?

    While we’ve all been waiting eagerly for the Artifact Beta to begin sometime in October – which was the original statement

    Darkest Dungeon Announcer Pack Incoming

    Darkest Dungeon is a game that has been around for a few years now and without too many similarities between

    WePlay! Announce Artifact Tournaments with $50,000 On the Line

    Valve’s newest game Artifact is already in the closed beta and it’s supposed to enter the open beta sometime in

    Newbee Fire their Assistant Coach After Leaking Artifact Content

    Newbee’s carry Xu "Moogy" Han got indirectly involved in an Artifact content leaking drama after one of the organization’s employees