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  • Riot dev breaks down Reyna abilities - New Agent

    Since VALORANT's 11th Agent, Reyna, was revealed yesterday there has been a lot of questions about her kit. To the

    VALORANT's 11th Agent revealed: Reyna

    Riot Games has unveiled the latest Agent coming to their soon-to-release first-person shooter, VALORANT. Reyna is her name and she

    VALORANT dev provides details as to what official release includes

    The VALORANT closed beta is officially over and the full release of the game is set to go live in

    TI10 Battle Pass release date, VALORANT launch, Artifact 2.0... and more esports stories from the week

    Did you miss anything from the last week in esports? Have you been trembling with anticipation of the TI10 Battle

    VALORANT closed beta reset details, official server shutdown time

    Riot Games has revealed more details regarding the conclusion of VALORANT's closed beta. Yesterday it was revealed that the games

    VALORANT release date set; closed beta ends May 28th

    Riot Games has revealed the official release date of VALORANT, the developers popular first-person shooter. The game's closed beta will

    VALORANT "soulbans" could remove access to League of Legends & Legends of Runeterra as well

    People deciding to cheat in Riot Games' new first-person shooter VALORANT may be banned across the board from Riot titles.

    VALORANT patch 0.50 nerfs Sage, buffs Omen, fixes Cypher glitch cams,changes Split, targets running accuracy, & more

    Riot Games has released a major update to VALORANT. The latest patch covers nearly every aspect of the game, included

    Unsupported professional CS players leaving for VALORANT in droves

    We all knew some people may jump ship when VALORANT was announced, but I'm not sure many of us expected

    Crazy VALORANT bug locks other players inside of Phoenix

    A new bug has been discovered in VALORANT and it's definitely one of the more interesting we've seen yet. A

    pyth retires from CS:GO to pursue VALORANT

    Swedish Counter-Strike player Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi has announced his retirement from the title alongside his plans to pursue a professional

    Swole Patrol loses one to VALORANT

    Another CS:GO professional has left the scene to seek what they see as greener pastures in the new Riot Games