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  • Shyvana jungle and a monstrous Uzi define the LPL Summer quarterfinals

    The LPL Summer Playoffs is now in the semifinals and only four teams remain. The play resumes this Saturday, August

    Uzi says you should play Ezreal to climb ladder in 9.14

    The shaky, unconvincing Royal Never Give Up from the Spring Split is gone. The RNG of the Summer Season is

    FunPlus Phoenix stay undefeated in the LPL, highlight match vs. RNG gathers hype

    There are only six teams in the major regions that are still undefeated and among them, FunPlus Phoenix hold the

    Uzi: "I don’t think there's any team in the LCK that could defeat Griffin, they are just too strong."

    Royal Never Give Up are back, and FunPlus Phoenix's win streak is over. The team that ruled 2018 right up

    FPX Lwx: "I am not confident to play against Uzi."

    As FunPlux Phoenix kept racking wins in the LPL to stay undefeated, everyone asked the same thing: are they the

    Uzi from the 2018 League of Legends All-Star Event, "I think this meta requires AD Carries to play safe."

    Authorized by PentaQ to translate and report   Jian “Uzi” Zihao, an outstanding Chinese League of Legends player for Royal Never Give

    Riot Fines 4 Players for Behavioral Issues in Competitive Ruling

    Riot Games has issued formal warnings to 12 players for various levels of negative behavior and have fined Danil “Diamondprox”