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  • Dota Underlords is finally getting out of Early Access tonight

    Valve's auto chess game Dota Underlords will officially release today after being in beta for almost nine months. Valve will

    Swim on Underlords: "The underlords should be characters you pick at round 10 instead of at the start of the game"

    Sean "Swim" Huguenard started off his career with Gwent, transitioned to Artifact and now plays Dota Underlords for Evil Geniuses.

    The big Underlords update will have a jail, with 8-12 heroes imprisoned everyday

    The big update for Underlords is nearly here. Valve and the Underlords development team have already revealed new heroes and

    Underlords' duo mode, six new heroes are coming in October

    The Underlords development team spoke in a recent blog about the timeline of updates they will be pushing to the

    Underlords is getting Duos mode and new heroes and Alliances in the next few weeks

    Valve released a new Underlords blog Tuesday, talking about the upcoming big changes they are preparing for the game. The

    Underlords won't get any major balance patches in the foreseeable future, Valve says

    On August 8, Valve released a minor balance patch for Underlords, while saying that this is how the game is

    No more Alliance items: Underlords major update introduces heap of changes

    If you thought the Underlords Mid-Season Update, which completely changed the game and landed about two weeks ago, would mean

    The biggest Underlords tournament to date starts today

    The Underlords esports scene hasn't really picked up, despite the game being out for a few months (although, yes, it

    Prototype Battle Pass, reworks, tweaks and new items to come in Dota Underlords

    Valve announced a new patch to be released for Dota Underlords this coming Thursday, July 4. Apart from gameplay updates, the

    Despite waning viewership, Teamfight Tactics is still destroying Underlords on Twitch

    Teamfight Tactics had an incredible launch day on the PBE. With over 210,000 players tuning on Twitch on its first

    Leaked Dota Underlords features we should expect in open beta

    Dota Underlords was launched this week by Valve in what seems to be an early development stage. The game is