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  • Sources: Seoul Dynasty intended to coin flip for their seed

    According to sources, Seoul Dynasty intended to decide their tiebreaker match against the San Francisco Shock by a coin toss.

    Framing the future - 12 guiding questions for OWL

    With the limited amount of games we’ve seen so far in this season, we find ourselves unable to reasonably argue

    Overwatch League Expansion Branding Power Rankings

    Eight new teams to the Overwatch League for Season 2 means eight new brands to praise or skewer depending on

    LEAKED: New Overwatch League Team Names & Logos

    A user by the name of BetterFixThat has revealed a leaked copy of the Overwatch League's new team names and

    Toronto Overwatch League Team Announces Defiant Brand

    Today, Toronto's Overwatch League team announced their branding for the first time, signalling the debut of Toronto's newest esports team: