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  • Knight: "AD Neeko has been pretty popular in Korean ranked games. And I feel it is pretty strong in the laning phase."

    The phoenix has cooled off. Topsports are now the new kings of the LPL and among them, none is stronger

    Three stories that defined LPL week 7

    Photo by: Riot Games Week 7 of the LPL brought major ranking shifts to the league. Leaders were usurped, super teams

    SinoDragon: "Our players are more willing play sacrificial roles now."

    For SinoDragon, their LPL story so far has been trying to balance their record and stay in the top 8.

    LPL rookies Victory 5 show teeth, despite loss to TOP

    Photo by: Riot Games Friday was an important day for LoL organization Victory 5: it was their first ever day in