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  • Planetfall: Earthshaker Arcana released; available at level 365 of the TI9 Battle Pass

    While many heroes are still battling it out for an arcana, Earthshaker already has his arcana, less than a month

    Drow or Windranger? TI9 Collector’s Cache artists wait for your vote

    Originating from the same Warcraft character, Drow Ranger and Windranger are in the end, the two faces of the same

    You asked! We listened! TI9 Battle Pass Giveaway is here!

    There are about 100 days ahead of us to level up that 2019 Battle Pass and we at VPEsports, are happy

    Battle Pass Chat Wheel: 'Lakad Matataaaag' returns with new voice lines

    One of the things TI8 will be remembered for, thanks to the Filipino casters, is 'Ladak Matataaaag....Noramalin, Normalin'. This was

    TI9 Battle Pass features: Earthshaker arcana, avoid player, coaching and more...

    After a wait that seemed to go on, the Battle Pass for The International 2019 is finally here. The theme