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  • TI9 Battle Pass has concluded, but some of its features are set to make a return

    The International 2019 Battle Pass is no longer available in-game and with it are gone all its features. Chat Wheel

    The 2019 Arcana Vote is down to the final four

    The Arcana Vote has been something that has happened since TI4 where the community gets to give their vote and

    Young Invoker persona, 'Acolyte of the Lost Arts' has been released

    For the next few days, pubs are going to be swarming with Invokers (like they weren't already), because the young

    Immortal Treasure II and Mo'rokai are here!

    The wait is over! Immortal Treasure II and Wrath of the Mo'rokai are finally these, the 10 Battle Pass levels

    The date for the release of Immortal Treasure II, Mo'rokai and 10 Battle Pass levels has been announced

    A lot has happened in the last few days - The 2018-2019 DPC season has ended, the Weekend Bundle was released

    TI9 prizepool is now the highest prizepool in the history of The International

    The International 2019, like all TIs before it, will have the highest prize pool in the history of not just

    For one more day, everyone can buy a second Weekend Bundle

    No one likes loopholes, unless they lead to something good! And one such loophole in the Weekend Bundle for the

    TI9 Battle Pass Immortal Treasure II and Mo’rokai event to come next week

    Battle Pass owners with 75 levels or more woke up today with a new item to claim. Dark Willow Announcer

    18 item sets are now available in The International 2019 Collector’s Cache

    About 200 item sets were submitted by the workshop artists for this year’s The International Collector’s Cache. Valve made an

    Workshop artist ChiZ questions Valve’s decision to open the vote for TI9 Collector’s Cache submissions

    The deadline for The International 2019 Collector’s Cache was May 12. Close to 200 item sets were submitted by the

    Planetfall: Earthshaker Arcana released; available at level 365 of the TI9 Battle Pass

    While many heroes are still battling it out for an arcana, Earthshaker already has his arcana, less than a month

    References of TI9 Battle Pass Chat Wheel Sounds

    The International 2019 Chat Wheel Sounds feature several Chinese lines which are perhaps harder to understand by the western fans.