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DkPhobos Criticizes the Dota Pro Circuit System

Team Spirit’s offlaner Alexander "DkPhobos" Kucheria shared his thoughts on how the first Dota Pro Circuit affected the competitive scene

Easy Breezy TI8 Qualifiers for Fnatic, Vancouver Tickets Secured

Fnatic are the first team from Southeast Asia to qualify for The International 2018. As one of the few teams in

KBBQ Gets the Best Birthday Present: VGJ.Storm Take the First NA Ticket to TI8

The Dota 2 analyst, translator and Team Director at VGJ.Storm, Jack "KBBQ" Chen, received probably the best birthday present he could wish

paiN Gaming to Represent the Brazilian Flag at The International 2018

History was made last night in the South American qualifiers for The International 2018. Two Brazilian teams fought head to

Cheats Are Not Ok, Thunder Predator Disqualified from TI8

Earlier today was brought to everyone’s attention that a team in the South American regional qualifiers for The International 2018

Thunder Predator in Danger of Being Disqualified From TI8 Qualifiers for Cheating

From match-fixing involvement, to allegedly cheating in The International 2018 qualifiers, the Thunder (Awaken) Predator players seem to have done

Winstrike Claim the CIS Qualifier Spot for TI8

Formed only during the last official shuffle, FlyToMoon, acquired now by Winstrike, were one of the two CIS teams that

TI8 South America Qualifiers Postponed due to Multiple Disconnects

The SA qualifiers for The International 2018 are an endless source of drama. After Midas Club displayed zero sportsmanship in the

Everyone From Na’Vi Claims the Blame For TI8 Qualifiers Result

It’s been a good few days since Na’Vi got eliminated in the open qualifiers for The International 2018, but the

Perfect World Release Statement Regarding iG. Vitality

Invictus Gaming Vitality are now in the Chinese regional qualifiers for The International 2018 as Perfect World revise their decision

TobiWan Won’t Attend TI8 Qualifiers HUB but, SyndereN is Back

With the Dota Pro Circuit coming to an end this upcoming Sunday, The International 2018 qualifiers HUB was announced in

TNC Tiger Are Ready for TI8 Open Qualifiers

The Southeast Asian scene just got one team richer as TNC finalize the roster for their secondary team, TNC Tiger. This