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  • Valve extend the sale of the Battle Level Bundle for the TI10 Battle Pass until July 2nd

    One of the thing Battle Pass owners look forward to every year is the Battle Level Bundle, which allows players

    The International 10 prize pool reaches $20,000,000 in record time

    Last night Valve confirmed and released the Battle Level Bundle for The International 2020 Battle Pass, which includes a plethora of levels

    The Battle Level Bundle is out NOW

    As The International 10 prize pool gets extremely close to intersecting with last year’s graph, Valve have decided to release the

    Valve addresses the Collector’s Cache drama and removes some of the submissions

    TI10 Battle Pass owners were invited 10 days ago to cast their votes for this year’s Collector’s Cache content. A

    Valve increases Battle Points rewards based on community feedback

    The Battle Pass leveling becomes a bit smoother after Valve increases the point rewards along with a few other boosts

    TI10 prize pool exceeds 6M dollars 12 hours after Battle Pass release

    TI10 Battle Pas was released on Monday, May 25 and although The International 2020 dates are still uncertain due to

    TI10 Battle Pass features: Two personas, three arcanas and a lot more...

    After a long wait, the TI10 Battle Pass is finally here. It arrived a few days later than it's counterparts

    TI10 Battle Pass introduces Guilds, new Personas and Arcanas

    The wait is over! TI10 Battle Pass is here and it comes with plenty of features, mini-games and a lot

    TI10 to be postponed possibly to 2021, but Battle Pass will be released soon

    The question has been looming in the minds of the entire Dota 2 community - will The International 2020, or TI10,

    The TI10 Battle Pass is here and it brings with it an Invoker arcana!

    Given that the world is in quarantine, Valve decided to launch the Battle Pass for TI 10 early and it

    Valve launches TI10 Collector’s Cache and merchandise call to arms

    A decade of Dota 2 will be celebrated this year in August in the Ericsson Globe Arena from Stockholm, Sweden.

    Ana will not return for TI10

    OG’s back to back The International Champion carry player Anathan "ana" Pham will extend his break for the entire season,