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The International 2018: Post Event Meta Analysis

The International 2018 was hands down the most enthralling version of the competition till date. OG, from not having a

Valve Announces Two New Heroes: Mars and Grimstroke

The last two internationals, Valve released new heroes. There wasn't a whiff of any this year, until today! Not only

TI8 Upper Bracket Final: OG Defeat PSG.LGD 2-1 in a Crazy Series to make it to the Grand Finals

In what has to be one of the craziest series ever played in the main event of The International championships,

TI8 xNova Interview: "I wouldn't say this meta is suitable for PSG.LGD"

I got the chance to talk with PSG.LGD's Malaysian sensation, xNova, who also happens to be a good friend of

N0tail Interview at TI8: "The deny mechanic takes some of the fun away from the game"

Talking with Notail is like catching up with an old friend. The guy makes it easy to like him. When

Evil Geniuses Secure a Top 6 Finish at TI 8 at the Expense of Team Secret

Evil Geniuses advanced to the semi-finals of the upper bracket at the cost of Team Secret, who they beat 2-0

TI8 - Neta '33' Shapira Interview: "I don't know where some of the changes to heroes are coming from"

Optic Gaming's offlaner, Neta '33' Shapira is a no nonsense, straight forward guy. He had a few words to spare

TI8 - Fly Interview: "I will get to my side of the story one day, but right now my focus is completely on TI"

Tal 'Fly' Aizak is every interviewer's dream. He is the easiest guy to talk with and is very friendly even

TI 7 runners-up Newbee bite the dust along with VGJ.Thunder

Two of the six Chinese teams at The International 2018 were sent packing from Vancouver on the first day of

Fnatic and TNC the first teams to be eliminated from The International 2018

The first round of the lower bracket at The International is probably the toughest and most nerve wracking as it

TI8 - XinQ Interview: "I was wild and out of control"

XinQ is the most notoriously famous member of Team Serenity, may it be for playing Invoker with one hand or

TI8 No[o]ne Interview : "I hate the mid lane right now"

VPEsports caught up with Virtus Pro's None in Vancouver..he had some interesting things to say about the meta, the mid