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  • The International 2020 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden

    The International is the biggest event of the Dota 2 calendar, closing out a magnificent season of Pro Circuit Minors

    rOtK talks EPICENTER, his time as a pro player and the TI4 grand finals

    With The International 2019 qualifiers in full swing, each region benefits from true legends taking time to co-cast or stream

    Team Liquid conquer to claim a top 3 EPICENTER finish

    EPICENTER had a fantastic day of Dota 2 action and the final series of the day would be an upper bracket

    2018 Dota2 Defining Moments: Topson – Started From the Bottom, Now He’s Here

    One of the biggest stories from the Dota 2 world in 2018 was the absolute brilliance of OG at The

    Taking a Loss: In That Moment,There's Nothing That Hurts More

    If you haven’t been there, you can’t know how it feels. To lose something you worked so hard to achieve,

    Turning Back the Years - The International 2016

    After we had already witnessed three magnificent Majors over the year’s lead-up to The International 2016, there was still more

    Turning Back the Years – The International 2015

    TI had been extremely successful in its previous four years of running and Valve took the opportunity to announce The

    Turning Back the Years – The International 2014

    With Dota 2 finally fully released to the public and everything running smoothly, Valve announced The International 2014’s dates late

    Turning Back the Years - The International 2013

    Another year passed by in the blink of an eye and we were already at the doorway to The International

    Turning Back the Years - The International 2012

    We have moved on a year from the insane reception of Dota 2 at TI1 and by now the community

    KuroKy - The Long Road to the Pinnacle of Success

    Continuing on our series of the 4 players attending their 8th TI we have Kuro ‘Kuroky’ Salehi Takhasomi, who much

    Turning Back the Years – The International 2011

    The year is 2011. It’s August 17 and you’re watching 16 teams gather in Cologne, Germany to participate in a tournament