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The Chinese lions bite harder than ever and eliminate JD Gaming

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is now in its final stage, and the road to the finals is

G2 Esports and Suning qualify for Quarter-Finals. Team Liquid and Machi eliminated

Today, the second round of the Groups Stage began, and from now on, we will know day by day what

What's going on with the LPL roster shuffle? Who's going where?

Roster shuffle season is officially upon us. As is tradition, mid-November marks the expiration of most League of Legends esports

EDward Gaming defeat Suning, move to LPL Playoffs top 6

EDward Gaming pulled out a 3-1 victory over Suning to move to the quarterfinals of LPL Summer. This is already

Lights out for the "super team": Suning out of LPL playoffs contention

Photo by: The side that many dubbed the "super team" has been mathematically eliminated from the LPL playoffs running. One

Knight: "AD Neeko has been pretty popular in Korean ranked games. And I feel it is pretty strong in the laning phase."

The phoenix has cooled off. Topsports are now the new kings of the LPL and among them, none is stronger

Three stories that defined LPL week 7

Photo by: Riot Games Week 7 of the LPL brought major ranking shifts to the league. Leaders were usurped, super teams

After a strong start to the LPL, Suning are in a free-fall

In the early days of 2019 LPL Spring Split, Suning were one of the teams on the very top. Today,

Clearlove's LPL return ushers a revitalized EDG

Photo by: Riot Games In a game where so much is decided on the jungle/mid dynamic, it was understandable why EDward

Rogue Warriors upset Suning after the worst Baron throw of the season

The post-Lunar New Year days are to be marred with upsets, it seems. First, there was LGD gaming beating Invictus

FunPlus Phoenix dethrone Suning in an LPL thriller

Photo by: ESL FunPlus Phoenix will celebrate the Chinese New Year as the current best team in the LPL rankings. Today,

Maple and SwordArt's Suning clutch against Vici Gaming for 2-1 win

Photo by: Riot Games In 2018, Vici Gaming were the worst team in LPL. In both splits, they finished bottom of