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  • Rookie: "[SKT and G2] were trying something new. I will be extra happy if I can take them down with their usual picks."

    Text by: Adel ChoadriaSpecial to VPEsports It took Invictus Gaming sixteen minutes and one second (16:01) to make a statement against

    Rookie: "Even when I didn’t have good results, I would only think, 'It’s just not my time yet.'"

    As part of the interview series with Invictus Gaming for ELLE MEN, the team's star mid laner Song "Rookie" Eui-jin

    Rookie after LPL win: "I hope that in a few years, when I think of today, it will still be meaningful to me."

    After years of trying, Invictus Gaming finally lifted an LPL trophy, sweeping JD Gaming in the final last Sunday. IG

    Rookie: "SKT are no longer 'Faker's team'. They are strong as a unit now."

    Photo by: Riot Games For a second split in a row, Invictus Gaming will try to claim what's eluded them their

    Ning: "I knew I wouldn’t be awarded MVP when I picked Lee Sin. The champion does not deserve the title."

    Invictus Gaming are unstoppable in the LPL so far with a 6-0 streak. With five MVP titles to his name,

    iG show why you can never allow Ning to get Kayn

    Photo by: Riot Games Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning is perhaps the best player in the LPL. His number of MVP match awards