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Riot Games will launch a Hotfix to balance some Patch 10.23 issues

Earlier this week, Riot Games announced the official notes of Patch 10.23, the update that would change the League of

LoR Patch 1.14 full notes: New Lab, Friend Spectate debut, and more

Two weeks have passed since the last version of Legends of Runeterra arrived at our servers, which means that it

Check ALL the "Mythic Items" that you can find in the new Item Shop.

The Patch that would change everything we know about League of Legends has finally been unveiled. Patch 10.23 officially opens

The LCS Format Changes: Spring and Summer Splits removed from 2021

One of the main problems of some formats used by many professional leagues to distribute and manage their competitions throughout

Riot Games presents "Ruined King", the new RPG coming in 2021

Long time we have waited for some news regarding Ruined King, and Riot Games has chosen the best moment to

Runeterra Patch 1.13 notes: the 'K/DA ALL OUT' Event has arrived

Riot Games has released the official notes of the last update for Legends of Runeterra: Patch 1.13, which brings the

VALORANT 1.11 update - patch notes: Skye added, Cypher nerfed, Breach buffed, Killjoy changed & more

Riot has released the VALORANT 1.11 patch notes which adds Skye and makes changes to Cypher, Breach, and Killjoy while

Riot Games keeps battling against the smurf accounts in VALORANT

One of the biggest problems for the players in VALORANT is the insufficient control of the smurf accounts, that make

The LCK new franchise format confirms the 10 participating teams

All teams that will participate in the LCK franchise have been decided. The ten companies that were previously announced have

LoR Seasonal Tournaments begin the upcoming December 6th

This week we have welcomed the last version of Legends of Runeterra. Patch 1.12 notes revealed a new expansion, Monuments

Skye revealed as 13th VALORANT Agent

VALORANT has revealed Skye as the latest Agent making its way to the game. The new Agent will sport a

Riot dissolute the Oceanic Pro League and add it to the LCS competitive territory

Earlier today, with an unexpected communication, Riot Games has announced very important news regarding the Oceanic Pro League (OPL) and