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  • Riot Games against toxicity: new AFK and intentional feeding detectors coming soon

    Lately, we have witnessed Riot Games' intentions to fight toxicity and bad behaviors in League of Legends. Now, product lead

    Patch 10.14 Preview: necessary nerfs and buffs coming soon

    One more week, Riot Games Lead Game Designer Mark Yetter brings us a short preview of the next version of

    FaZe moves into VALORANT with JasonR & Corey signings

    FaZe has made the first step into VALORANT with the signing of Jason ‘JasonR’ Ruchelski and Corey 'Corey' Nigra. Coming

    100 Thieves complete VALORANT roster with four members of Highground squad

    100 Thieves has completed its VALORANT roster with the signing of four members of the former Highground squad. The four

    Eight new skins confirmed to be released with Patch 10.14

    The League of Legends Patch 10.14 Preview is still a question mark for us. We don't really know what kind

    VALORANT 1.02 patch notes: Viper buff, map changes, competitive mode & more

    Riot Games has revealed the notes for VALORANT patch 1.02. The June 23rd update adds competitive mode to the game

    G2 Esports CEO reveals his intentions to build a world championship-winning team

    Last Tuesday, G2 Esports announced the most important step in their VALORANT adventure: the Spanish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legend Oscar

    League of Legends Patch 10.13 official notes: Yuumi is dead

    Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends Mark Yetter has already revealed the details of the next Patch 10.13. Those

    Reporting and Muting during Champ Select will be a reality with version 10.13

    Some of the details of the incoming Patch 10.13 have been revealed by rioter Mark Yetter last Monday. Despite we

    VALORANT receives major review bomb on Metacritic following launch

    While many who played and enjoyed the game during the closed beta are praising Riot Games for the smoothness and

    Monetizing "morality": corporations' BLM tweets an exercise in hypocrisy

    The George Floyd protests are spreading through the United States and for the regular American, the past few days have

    VALORANT patch 0.50 nerfs Sage, buffs Omen, fixes Cypher glitch cams,changes Split, targets running accuracy, & more

    Riot Games has released a major update to VALORANT. The latest patch covers nearly every aspect of the game, included