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Riot Games develops many changes in Ranked Games for the upcoming Preseason

Riot Games has released a new report where the videogame company talks about the ranked games of their most successful

VALORANT non-damaging assists will be reflected in Combat Scores

Once again, Riot Games has made an effort to reach out to its community in one of its most successful

Last Skins of 2020: Legendary Lee Sin and more Champions added to the list

Yesterday, Riot Games published an update regarding the "State of Skins and Events", where Riot Bellissimoh, Production Director on League

Patch 1.8 Micro-Update brings a new Lab to Legends of Runeterra

The last update for Legends of Runeterra brought many things, the Call of the Mountain expansion, a ranked reset, new

Patch 10.19 nerfs Akali and Lucian to avoid risk of taking over Worlds meta

We finally know the details of the next version of League of Legends, Patch 10.19, the Patch that will be

DWG Nuguri Recovers from Pneumothorax but his Travel to Worlds will be Delayed

Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon is probably one of the best top laners in the League of Legends competitive scene, and this

Seraphine finally confirmed as a new Champ with K/DA collaboration

Two weeks ago, rumors started running through the League of Legends community about a new Champion that was probably being

Vietnamese LoL teams could miss 2020 World Championship

Despite we already know that Riot Games is putting all their efforts so the 2020 League of Legends World Championship

Aurelion Sol, two new Keywords and many new Cards complete the Call of the Mountain expansion spoilers

Right after the announcement of Diana as the new Champion for Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games revealed all that was

VALORANT patch 1.06 notes: air shotgun nerf, audio & visual adjustments, bug fixes

Riot has released the patch notes for the upcoming 1.06 update to VALORANT. This update has been dubbed "Air Shotgun"

Ahri and Kayle's gameplay to be upgraded with important changes in Patch 10.18

Right after the release of the newest League of Legends version, the Patch 10.17, Riot's Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter

Call of the Mountain: Lulu, Trundle, 2 new keywords and new followers revealed

Riot Games keep revealing many cards, champions, keywords, and spells that the Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion