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  • PapaSmithy reviews the insanity of IG vs. Kingzone from Rift Rivals 2019

    Rift Rivals 2019 is in the books and the LCK walked away with its first international victory since Worlds 2017. As

    Griffin coach: "There's not much difference between the LPL and LCK."

    Rift Rivals 2019 is over and whether or not there will be a next edition, at least the LCK can

    Faker on winning Rift Rivals: "We were able to wash away some of the regrets from past tournaments."

    Last Sunday, Korea's LCK emerged champions of Rift Rivals for the first time in tournament's history. In a four-game grand

    Korea finally brings home a Rift Rivals title

    The Korean LCK won its first Rift Rivals this Sunday, July 7. On home turf, the combined forces of the

    LPL sweeps LMS/VCS at Rift Rivals, sets rematch vs. LCK

    Rift Rivals 2019 will end in a classic face-off between China and Korea. On Sunday, July 7, the two regions

    The playoffs for Rift Rivals are set, Korea secures grand final seed

    Korea's LCK secured the direct grand final seed into Rift Rivals 2019. The region has been performing more than well

    Invictus Gaming debut in Rift Rivals with a match that's almost too close

    Reigning LPL champions Invictus Gaming played their first match in Rift Rivals today — and almost lost it. iG were scheduled to

    Flawless start for the LCK in Rift Rivals 2019

    Korea is off to a great start in the Rift Rivals race. The LCK teams won all three of their

    LEC wins Rift Rivals, 3-1 over LCS

    The European LEC defended its Rift Rivals title last night. The LEC won the relay race 3-1 and adds another

    Rift Rivals EU vs. NA viewers' guide: When and how to watch the years-old rivalry

    Although not on the level of the Mid-Season Invitational, Rift Rivals is still one of the few international events that

    Perkz: "I couldn't care any less about Rift Rivas. [...] Riot should remove [it]."

    On Wednesday, Riot Games revealed details for the upcoming Rift Rivals EU vs. NA edition. The minor cross-regional tournament has

    Rift Rivals EU vs. NA coming June 24-27

    The third edition of Rift Rivals, LoL's minor cross-regional event, will return on streams June 24-27 with the EU vs.