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  • Next Apex Legends update will address hit reg, audio, Legends & more

    The team behind Apex Legends has provided another one of their check-ins letting fans know what's in the pipeline for

    Apex Legends viewership drops by 75%

    Getting to the top is often much easier than staying there and Apex Legends has shown rise to the peak

    Respawn responds to Apex Legends lost progression issue

    Following a bit of an uproar, Respawn has issued a response, explanation, and fix for the progress issue. If you're not

    Apex Legends update adds new teaming feature, battles cheaters & more

    Apex Legends 1.1 has gone live courtesy of Respawn Entertainment. The latest update to the popular battle royale doesn't bring

    Respawn's Apex Legends check in - March 27

    The developers behind Apex Legends have once again provided a check in for the community. Respawn Entertainment has made a

    Apex Legends has banned over 355,000 cheaters so far

    In the latest check-in from Respawn Entertainment, the Apex Legends developer made it public just how many cheaters had been

    Respawn addresses cheaters, crashes, & more in check in

    Repawn Entertainment provided another one of their check ins last night. This time it wasn't a behind the scenes look