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Liereyy defeats Hera 4-3 in a tightly contested final to win Red Bull Wololo II

Red Bull Wololo II came to an end today with a winner not too many would have predicted - Liereyy! The

Age of Empires 2: Red Bull Wololo II begins today

The day a lot of people from the AoE II community were waiting for is finally here, as today is

Red Bull Wololo II: The AoE 2 Empire Wars format returns with a prize pool of $30,000

Red Bull hosted an Age of Empires II tournament in April 2020 with a new format: Empire Wars. The format

Age of Empires II: Mr_Yo defeats TheViper 4-0 to win Red Bull Wololo

In the growing world of esports, an old game that is rising slowly but surely to prominence is Age of