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  • Overwatch PTR update provides Baptiste revision & bug fixes

    Photo: Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch has released yet another update to its current PTR build with Baptiste. The latest update provides yet another

    Overwatch PTR update targets Baptiste, Junkrat, Lúcio & more

    Blizzard has added a few more adjustments to its current PTR build with a March 6 update. The update was focused

    Overwatch PTR Receives Brigitte Nerf, Bastion Buff, & More

    The PTR has received an adjustment with the release of the latest Overwatch update. Now that the buffs are out

    Overwatch PTR Update - Patch Notes

    More changes have made their way to the Overwatch PTR. Blizzard recently provided an update, although mostly focused on quality of life

    Overwatch PTR Patch Adds New Map, Hero Changes, and More

    Blizzard has released the patch notes for it's latest PTR build and it includes a new map, changes to characters,

    Sombra Changes Continue on Overwatch PTR

    Sombra's rework isn't complete according to Overwatch lead developer Geoff Goodman. The game developer stated that more changes were in the works

    New Overwatch Hero "Wrecking Ball" Is LIVE on the PTR

    Can't wait to come in like a Wrecking Ball? Then SWING on into the Public Test Realm (PTR). Sorry, we had