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  • Crouching Loss, Shanghai Dragons - Can They Ever Win?

    image by Shanghai Dragons Shanghai Dragons are possibly one of the most famous Overwatch League teams, with their fame coming from

    Why Jayne is right & EU might be the best region

    As the storm broke over Jayne’s comments regarding London Spitfire’s and Philadelphia Fusion’s GOATs play, viewers of Contenders--and especially those

    How Boston Uprising smashes in economic roster building

    Boston Uprising is the team with the most sophisticated grasp of making money in the transfer market. At least in

    Kuku's WESG ban is a dangerous precedent and Valve must step in

    Photo by: StarLadder It should’ve ended with a simple punishment. A monetary fine, perhaps, or even a few months of sabbatical,

    Apex Legends versus Fortnite: Battle Royale

    image by Respawn Entertainment Competition between games has always been very heated from way back in the day with the likes

    No, Apex Legends hasn’t “beaten” Fortnite

    The Battle Royale genre has evolved into a weird meta Battle Royale in itself. Ever since PUBG opened the floodgates,

    Cash against apathy: The curious case of Artifact’s growing prize pools

    In just over two months, Artifact has arrived at a state where its esports development and its player base are

    Wizards' Mythic Invitational format is a sour, but necessary entry into esports

    Artwork source: MTG Salvation Wizards of the Coast’s announcement of the Magic: The Gathering million-dollar Mythic Invitational released to mixed reception.

    Why Orgs Should Support Content Creators

    In Esports there are several endemic content creators that write about players and teams on a regular basis. Many are

    Op-ed: Ellie's case highlights, among other things, the amateurism of the scene

    The last few days were weird and strained ones for the Overwatch community. They featured a story most bizarre which,

    Opinion: Artifact’s RNG is worse than bad — it’s boring

    There are two things we need to make clear right at the start of this article. First, all card games need

    Opinion: Artifact’s monetization is not its problem

    Valve’s first new game in half a decade, Artifact, launched Nov. 28 to high anticipation and even higher expectations. Born

    Three positive takeaways from Artifact’s first weekend on stream

    Yesterday, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the concept of the Artifact Preview Tournament. For a product that needed to attract