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  • Leaked: 'Samira' could be the next ADC for League of Legends

    It seems like Riot Games are working very hard on their oldest game lately. Around three days have passed since

    New LoL Jungler 'Lillia' to be released next July 22nd

    Some time ago, in their Champion Roadmap for June 2020, Riot Games told us about a new jungler coming on,

    Lucian's wife, Senna, is the next champion coming to League of Legends

    Via a new cinematic trailer, Riot Games revealed the next champion to spawn on the Rift: Lucian's wife, Senna. According

    Paladins Cross-Play Coming Alongside New Champion & Player Council

    Alongside the recent announcements from SMITE regarding its Nintendo Switch debut and cross-play, Paladins was not without its own big