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Stranger Things MTG Secret Lair introduces 8 new cards

Step into The Upside Down

MTG Banned and Restricted hits Historic, leaves Alrund’s Epiphany alone for now

Changes are made to Historic but not Standard.

Yuta Takahashi’s Magic World Championship XXVII winning decklist

Play with the best.

Yuta Takahashi wins Magic World Championship XXVII

Ten straight wins.

Top four locked in for Magic World Championship XXVII

Red and Blue are pretty good in Standard.

MTG Hall of famer Seth Manfield reflects on 2020-21 Magic Esports season

Manfield qualified for the Magic World Championship XXVII

Stráský advances to MTG Worlds finals undefeated

Battling food poisoning right before MTG Worlds, the Czech champion goes 7-0.

Magic World Championship XXVII day one Standard recap

Strasky, Pardee, and Damo da Rosa take the lead.

Ondrej Strasky finishes day one of Magic World Championship XXVII undefeated

Top four is within reach.

MTG Pardee and Stráský go undefeated in Limited MID Worlds rounds

White, Black, and Blue continue to dominate MID Limited.

Reaching the pinnacle: Eli Kassis, Arne Huschenbeth on their first Magic World Championship appearances

It's all on the line at the Magic World Championship XXVII.

Reigning champion Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa on back-to-back title opportunity at Magic World Championship XXVII

Brazil's Esports Player of the Year will defend his title.