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Abed is the first player to reach 11K MMR

Abed Azel ‘Abed’ L. Yusop was the first ever player to reach ten thousand Match Making Rating (10k MMR) in Dota

23savage closes the top 20 of 10K MMR players

Many players have broken through into the 10,000 Matchmaking Rating mark in Dota 2 this year and as the world remains

Three more Dota 2 players enter the 10k MMR club

While many Dota 2 tournaments remain cancelled, postponed or set to be played in a different format online, many players have

February 2020: Pudge dominates the public matchmaking

Pudge’s versatility and his iconic mechanics make him appealing to a lot of players, regardless of the rank. Perhaps the

Valve takes a huge step towards preventing smurfing and boosting accounts in Dota 2

A new Ranked season was announced on September 17 by the Dota 2 developer and with the matchmaking rating (MMR)

Purge’s piece of advice for increasing your MMR

photo by: EPICENTER Kevin "Purge" Godec is probably one of the best Dota 2 personalities and content creators focused on helping

The Pros and Trolls of Dota 2

For any team game that uses a leaderboard for its players, the higher you get in rankings, you are bound