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  • What's going on with the LPL roster shuffle? Who's going where?

    Roster shuffle season is officially upon us. As is tradition, mid-November marks the expiration of most League of Legends esports

    ADD: "I am mainly practicing champions that counter those soon-to-be popular carry-type top laners."

    Slowly but surely, Bilibili Gaming have ascended to #3 in the LPL Spring Split. Led by veteran South Korean stars

    ADD: "In solo queue, I always pick Poppy when I see my opponent picking Jax."

    Photo by: After a comfortable 2-0 against LGD on its home turf, Bilibili Gaming sat down for a press conference

    BLG rookie Meteor shines on Camille, schools LGD in their own home

    Artwork by: Riot Games 2018 was a year of ups and downs for Bilibili Gaming (BLG). The team performed admirably in