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  • Rookie: "SKT are no longer 'Faker's team'. They are strong as a unit now."

    Photo by: Riot Games For a second split in a row, Invictus Gaming will try to claim what's eluded them their

    JDG Imp: "I don’t think I’m anywhere near my Season 4 form."

    Interview by: Photo by: Riot Games Against all odds, JD Gaming and their carry Gu "Imp" Seung-bin have made the

    Yagao after JDG/RNG upset: "We lost games 2 and 3 because of me. I almost cried"

    JD Gaming are becoming the Cinderella story of the LPL playoffs. Squeezing in as the No. 8 seed, JDG have

    JDG coach: "I think [WE] didn’t prepare well for today’s game"

    Photo by: JD Gaming surprised experts and fans as they eliminated Team WE from the LPL Playoffs in today's round

    LPL Playoffs: JDG upset WE with LvMao's Fiddlesticks

    "I don't think I've seen a single prediction that went JDG's way," LPL caster Clement Chu said. He was right:

    Making the cut: the strengths of JDG, EDG, and SinoDragon coming into LPL playoffs

    Special to VPEsports: Kelsey Moser Peng “Mni” Fang’s Tahm Kench accidentally Devoured a minion in arguably the most important team fight

    JD Gaming recruitment post reveals salary of LPL players

    In a Weibo post advertising a new recruitment round for pro players, Chinese side JD Gaming revealed what kind of

    The LPL playoffs are set: bracket and full schedule

    Photo by: Riot Games The Chinese LPL league will start the race to crown its new champion this Thursday. On Apr.

    The Phoenix soars: FPX lock #1 seed in LPL Spring

    Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang's FunPlus Phoenix can sit back, relax and enjoy whatever's left of the LPL regular season. After defeating

    Lights out for the "super team": Suning out of LPL playoffs contention

    Photo by: The side that many dubbed the "super team" has been mathematically eliminated from the LPL playoffs running. One

    These are the first five teams out of LPL Playoffs running

    There's one and a half weeks left of LPL play before the end of the regular season. With most of

    TOP, FPX, iG the first three to LPL playoffs

    Photo by: Riot Games The first three of the eight LPL playoffs teams were decided with the end of week 8.

    Rogue Warriors shock RNG into a 2-0 loss

    Sometimes, results make no sense in the LPL. Like LGD's win over Invictus Gaming in week 4, for example. How