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  • Rogue Warriors upset Suning after the worst Baron throw of the season

    The post-Lunar New Year days are to be marred with upsets, it seems. First, there was LGD gaming beating Invictus

    Close but no cigar for LGD, as they almost upset FunPlus Phoenix

    LGD Gaming haven't been the best team in LPL this season. In fact, until Snake Esports lost their fifth game

    Snake Esports' LPL woes continue even through line-up changes

    Returning from the Lunar New Year's break, Snake Esports needed to make a change, especially in their mid lane. Yang "Mala"

    Middle Kingdom Minds ep. 4: FPX Honeymoon w/ Thorin and Raz

    VPEsports' LPL talk show Middle Kingdom Minds is back. This week, Thorin and Raz are joined by Frvonlettow to discuss

    Why TOP will make the LPL finals? Middle Kingdom Minds ep. 3 gives the answers

    VPEsports' LPL talk show Middle Kingdom Minds featuring Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Barento "Raz" Mohammed is back. This episode, they are

    FunPlus Phoenix dethrone Suning in an LPL thriller

    Photo by: ESL FunPlus Phoenix will celebrate the Chinese New Year as the current best team in the LPL rankings. Today,

    Team WE upset EDward Gaming, score first win of the season

    Photo by: Riot Games When they met, Team WE and EDward Gaming were worlds apart in the LPL. The first was

    Vici Gaming finally show signs of life

    For years now, Vici Gaming haven't been more than a mid-table LPL team. They finished 7th in both splits last

    iG just lost their first regular season series since 2017

    Photo by: Riot Games Invictus Gaming had a power year in 2018. Their LPL regular season performance was unrivaled. Over both

    The marvelous mids of the LPL: Middle Kingdom Minds ep. 2

    Duncan "Thorin" Shields is joined by casters Clement Chu and Barento "Razleplasm" Mohammed to discuss the LPL development two weeks in

    RNG narrowly escape a 0-2 start to their LPL season

    Photo by: Riot Games Royal Never Give Up had their best year yet in 2018 and up until Worlds — and perhaps

    Snake's latest LPL loss proves you can expect literally everything from them

    Being a fan of Snake Esports must be a roller-coaster of emotions. Maybe not to the same degree as KT

    iG show why you can never allow Ning to get Kayn

    Photo by: Riot Games Gao “Ning” Zhen-Ning is perhaps the best player in the LPL. His number of MVP match awards