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  • Uzi could have joined Invictus Gaming before retiring

    Last June 3rd, all the League of Legends fans received very sad news: one of the biggest legends of all

    LGD Gaming climb to the first position after beating Invictus Gaming

    A new day of LPL started today, with a first match between the Spring Champions JD Gaming and Dominus Esports

    EStar deduct Wei' salary to punish his mistake against Bilibili Gaming

    Last Monday 15th a new day of LPL started with the match between Estar and Bilibili Gaming. Both teams currently

    IG Southwind leaks LCK vs. LPL Mid-Season Cup groups

    On a recent stream, Invictus Gaming support Su "Southwind" Zhi-Lin leaked the groups for the upcoming Mid-Season Cup between the

    JackeyLove to face former iG teammates in LPL semis

    The hottest free agent of the 2019 off-season, AD Carry Yu "JackeyLove" Wen-Bo will face its former teammates from Invictus

    Team WE end eStar's Cinderella story in one-sided playoffs match

    Team eStar were one of the best stories to follow this LPL season. Made up mostly of rookies and gathered

    LPL playoffs decided, JDG beat FPX to top 2 seed in final week's race

    Monday, April 20, was the final day of the 2020 LPL Spring Split season, which decided the final standings coming

    The LPL joins national day of mourning on April 4 for COVID-19 victims

    The LPL matches scheduled for Saturday, Apr. 4, will be rescheduled to Apr. 20, league management confirmed Friday. The reason

    eStar, ShiauC obliterate Invictus Gaming, take the lead in the LPL

    LPL's youngest, most inexperienced team in eStar took a commanding win against 2018 world champions Invictus Gaming in a brutal

    iG and Rogue Warriors bring Dota style to LoL in 1.5 kills/min game

    The LPL has long been the bloodiest, most kill-intensive region in League of Legends, but not even the Chinese fans

    LPL Spring Split schedule revealed, FPX vs. JDG and RNG vs. TOP on day 1

    After more than a month of delay, the LPL will resume on Mar. 9, trying to catch up to all

    LPL returns March 9 with online format

    The Chines League of Legends circuit, the LPL, will return on March 9 with an online format, after being on