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DAMWON Gaming: 2020 World Champions

The big day just happened. Suning and DAMWON Gaming have faced each other in the big finals of the 2020

Louis Vuitton will present the Summoner's Cup in 2020 Worlds Finals too

One of the surprises that Riot Games prepared us in last year's League of Legends World Championship was the sponsorship

2020 Worlds Semi-Finals contenders finally set

The Knockout stage of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship continues after the end of its first phase: Quarter-Finals.

The Chinese lions bite harder than ever and eliminate JD Gaming

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is now in its final stage, and the road to the finals is

Groups Stage ends and Quarter-Finals matches are finally set

Today we celebrated the last day of the Groups Stage at Worlds 2020. Group D was the only group to

The LPL representatives take some air after two new victories at Worlds 2020

In Day 2 of the Groups Stage, many teams had their first games at Worlds 2020, and some of these

[Exclusive] - R7 Aloned: "There is no big difference between LLA and the major regions"

Tomás "Aloned" Díaz is the mid laner of Rainbow7, the only Latin American team that has participated in Worlds 2020,

Play-in Qualifiers: LGD Gaming advances to the Main Event

The last day of the Play-in Stage brought two new Bo5 series to know what two teams advance to the

Play-in Stage Day 4: Team Liquid qualifies for the Main Event, MAD Lions still alive

Today was the last day of the "regular" Play-in Stage. The last day with the Bo1 series, the day when

Play-in Stage Day 3: PSG qualifies to the Main Event and V3 is first to be eliminated

The third day of the Play-in Stage has been the most important day that we have had since the 2020

Play-in Stage Day 2: Team Liquid dominates, Europe and China keep falling

The second day of the Play-in Stage has brought seven Bo1 series to decide what teams will still have a