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Karl completes the T1 Dota 2 roster

Former Geek Fam mid lane player and one of the very few who reached the 11K MMR milestone, Karl “Karl”

Karl returns to Execration after Geek Fam pause all activity

Geek Fam’s mid lane player Karl Jayme has already found a new place to call home, and in fact, he

Geek Fam close the doors until “there is a visible future for Dota 2 and the DPC”

Geek Fam becomes the second Southeast Asia Dota 2 team to shut down its activity this week, citing logistical and

Geek Fam undergo a roster change after qualifying for WePlay! Minor: Ryoya out

Geek Fam rebuilt their roster in the post TI9 shuffle and welcomed to their ranks three former TNC members along