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  • JD Gaming are the 2020 LPL Spring champions, upset Top Esports

    JD Gaming prevailed over Top Esports in a bloody, five-game series to crown themselves 2020 LPL Spring champions. The grand

    JD Gaming sweep FunPlus Phoenix as another world champion falls in LPL semis

    On Sunday, 2018 world champions Invictus Gaming lost 1-3 to Top Esports and today, 2019 world champions FunPlus Phoenix followed

    JD Gaming fined $50,000 for offering Kanavi illegitimate contract

    The LPL administration has fined JD Gaming 350,000 RMB (approximately $50,200) for trying to sign former Griffin jungler Seo "Kanavi"

    What's going on with the LPL roster shuffle? Who's going where?

    Roster shuffle season is officially upon us. As is tradition, mid-November marks the expiration of most League of Legends esports

    LPL intervenes in investigation of Griffin's loan of Kanavi to JD Gaming, shares findings

    LCK team Griffin has been embroiled in public controversy for some time now and the managerial problems within the organization

    Raz ahead of MSI: "I think the LCK has come back. Last year was a blip in their history." — Part 1

    Photo by: Riot Games Those who watch the LPL on a regular basis will know the name of Barento "Raz" Mohammed.

    "We still have a long way to go": JDG players and fans react to LPL grand final loss

    JD Gaming's Cinderella story will remain as one of the best runs in recent LPL history. The #8 seed eliminated

    Invictus Gaming win LPL Spring title in a 50-kill game 3

    One of the oldest esports organizations in China, Invictus Gaming have been crowned 2019 LPL Spring champions. IG took down

    Challenging TheShy: JD's Zoom vies for title of best top laner in the world

    Text by: Kelsey Moser Beyond lifting the trophy, beyond Song “Rookie” Euijin’s heartfelt speech in Mandarin Chinese, beyond the Grand Final

    The black eight miracle: how JDG came to contest world's best team for the LPL title

    There is a basketball phenomenon that Chinese fans call the “black eight miracle”. It describes the extremely rare upset of

    JDG Imp: "I don’t think I’m anywhere near my Season 4 form."

    Interview by: Photo by: Riot Games Against all odds, JD Gaming and their carry Gu "Imp" Seung-bin have made the

    Flawless talks about breaking into tears after upset win over FPX

    JD Gaming did the impossible on Saturday as they reached the LPL grand finals as the eighth-place seed. Among their