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Patch 10.24 full notes: Cosmic Skins, Champions and Item changes

The League of Legends 2021 Pre-Season keeps running, and while many players still haven't gotten used to the new Item

Patch 10.23: Check All the New Legendary Items

Patch 10.23 is here, and the League of Legends we used to know no longer exists. The newest version of

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - four items changed & who needs to use them

The recent Mobile Legends: Bang Bang patch made several big adjustments, but this article is all about the items and

Diablo IV devs say update is coming in February, working on getting items and stats "right"

After few years of Diablo silence, followed by the booed announcement of Diablo: Immortal in 2018, BlizzCon 2019 had to

10 things you may not know about Auto Chess

Auto Chess is a Dota 2-based mod and as such has carried over some of Dota 2's best (or worst?)

Fate Returns to Fortnite Item Shop - January 16 to 17

Today’s featured items section includes the Fate and Verge outfits (Legendary/Uncommon) along with the Fated Frame and Clean Cut pickaxes

Fortnite Item Shop - December 2 to 3

Act quickly and you can grab the latest items found in the Fortnite Item Shop before it's too late! With the

Loot Boxes Declared Gambling in Belgium, Removed from Overwatch

Players in Belgium will no longer be able to purchase loot boxes in Blizzard Entertainment's massive online shooter, Overwatch. The Belgian Gaming

August 15-18 Fortnite Item Shops Leaked

Data miner "MystxcLeaks" has revealed upcoming items from the shop in the games files. The items are set to fill