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  • Insane 85 minutes comeback by Invictus Gaming against HellRaisers

    Tonnes of buy-backs, die-backs, Roshan kills but the most epic of all, courier steals! This game had it all. Just

    Record breaking Invoker performance by iG.Emo

    Zhou "Emo" Yi destroyed paiN Gaming with 15 kills in 16 minutes while breaking several records and displaying one of

    More Visa issues as Invictus Gaming withdraw from ESL One Hamburg 2019

    Two days ago, Geek Fam announced that they would have to withdraw from the upcoming ESL One Hamburg 2019 event due

    Invictus Gaming are going to their first Valve sanctioned tournament since TI8

    TI2 champions and once one of the strongest teams coming from China, Invictus Gaming had a rough patch through the

    CDEC and iG are locked in for China’s TI9 closed qualifier

    Regional Open qualifiers for The International 2019 have been underway since yesterday and two Chinese teams have already progressed through these to

    12 hours a day practice, no vacation time: IG JackeyLove on how champions are made

    In an interview with ELLE Men, Invictus Gaming's AD Carry Yu "JackeyLove" Wen-Bo talked about the rigorous training schedule of

    TheShy: "We are actually slightly worried going into MSI."

    Invictus Gaming won the LPL Spring Split on Sunday sweeping the Cinderella story of JD Gaming 3-0. With this, they

    The black eight miracle: how JDG came to contest world's best team for the LPL title

    There is a basketball phenomenon that Chinese fans call the “black eight miracle”. It describes the extremely rare upset of

    Rookie: "SKT are no longer 'Faker's team'. They are strong as a unit now."

    Photo by: Riot Games For a second split in a row, Invictus Gaming will try to claim what's eluded them their

    TOP, FPX, iG the first three to LPL playoffs

    Photo by: Riot Games The first three of the eight LPL playoffs teams were decided with the end of week 8.

    FPX Lwx: "I am not confident to play against Uzi."

    As FunPlux Phoenix kept racking wins in the LPL to stay undefeated, everyone asked the same thing: are they the

    iG: "We'll be fully prepared to end FPX's win streak"

    Photo by: Riot Games Invictus Gaming might not be on the top of the LPL rankings, but many still consider them