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  • TNC destroy Geek Fam's super durable 3 Core draft

    TNC defeated Geek Fam in a best of one tiebreaker match that allowed them to move to the regional qualifiers

    How TNC's wombo combo destroyed rOtk's risky drafts in the Major Grand Finals

    TNC Predator were thoroughly prepared to face the drafting of Bai "rOtK" Fan. This time, they knew not to pick

    What went wrong for TNC against Vici Gaming

    TNC have been in good form since they formed the new roster and the series against Vici Gaming was never

    How a series of micro decisions made beastcoast lose a winning game

    beastcoast had a 10,000 networth lead in the game and were on the path to win the match and the

    Was game 2 versus Evil Geniuses really a throw by Vici Gaming?

    Evil Geniuses were sent to the lower brackets by Vici Gaming after a defeat at the best of three series.

    The most aggressive Drow Ranger of MDL Chengdu by Nikobaby

    Alliance kicked Aster out of the MDL Chengdu Major with an unbelievable, dominating and super aggressive gameplay. In spite of

    TNC fights back even at 62000 Networth disadvantage

    A must watch game for Chen's fans as he was played in the offlane position while massively countering Outworld Devourer's

    A Magnus, Chaos Knight and Tiny combo that destroyed Vici Gaming

    In spite of having a great early game, Vici Gaming lost a 12,000 networth lead and Team Spirit never backed

    Insane 85 minutes comeback by Invictus Gaming against HellRaisers

    Tonnes of buy-backs, die-backs, Roshan kills but the most epic of all, courier steals! This game had it all. Just

    TNC win WESG SEA grand finals against an unbelievable last game by 496 Gaming

    TNC Predator (Philippines) won the Grand Finals by 2-1 in which 496 Gaming (Vietnam) were almost capable of winning the

    Game of the day: Flawless execution by Alliance against Demon Slayers secured their tournament victory

    A beautiful coordination by Alliance and a strong fight back by Demon Slayers, this is the game analysis of the

    TI9 grand finals - OG's perfect execution

    The match between OG and Team Liquid was fairly intense at times and as such, we have an in depth