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  • FPX Tian: "This year was really tough for us and now we finally achieved something so I cried out of excitement. Our goal is to win Worlds."

    FunPlus Phoenix are finally in an LPL Final, but more important than that: they are a lock for Worlds 2019.

    FPX secure LPL semifinal seed with 12th victory of the season

    FunPlus Phoenix are the first LPL team to secure the coveted top 2 spot in the regular season and with

    Doinb: "Viktor is at the lowest tier in the current meta."

    FunPlus Phoenix might've slipped one loss to Invictus Gaming, but now they're back to winning. A convincing 2-0 against Oh

    Gimgoon: "Mordekaiser is the best top lane champion."

    Six weeks into the LPL Summer Season, and FunPlus Phoenix are yet to drop a single series. In fact, Phoenix

    FunPlus Phoenix stay undefeated in the LPL, highlight match vs. RNG gathers hype

    There are only six teams in the major regions that are still undefeated and among them, FunPlus Phoenix hold the

    Doinb talks loss to JDG: "It’s a pity. We really had the chance to make the grand finals."

    FunPlus Phoenix's semifinal loss to JD Gaming counts as the biggest LPL upset this season. FPX came in as the

    Monstrous Gangplank sends JDG to LPL finals over FPX

    The Cinderella story of JD Gaming is picking up pace. The eighth seed in the LPL playoffs is refusing to

    The Phoenix soars: FPX lock #1 seed in LPL Spring

    Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang's FunPlus Phoenix can sit back, relax and enjoy whatever's left of the LPL regular season. After defeating

    Three stories that defined LPL week 7

    Photo by: Riot Games Week 7 of the LPL brought major ranking shifts to the league. Leaders were usurped, super teams

    Uzi: "I don’t think there's any team in the LCK that could defeat Griffin, they are just too strong."

    Royal Never Give Up are back, and FunPlus Phoenix's win streak is over. The team that ruled 2018 right up

    RNG are back, end FPX's undefeated streak

    Royal Never Give Up had a timid start to the LPL. Lacking their star ADC Uzi, the perhaps best team

    FPX Lwx: "I am not confident to play against Uzi."

    As FunPlux Phoenix kept racking wins in the LPL to stay undefeated, everyone asked the same thing: are they the