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  • Fortnite v7.40 Content Update Adds Driftboard, New LTM's & more

    Fortnite has received the last content update of Season 7 and it's a good one for those who love new

    Fortnite v7.40 Adds Infantry Rifle, Changes to Ziplines & X-4 Stormwing - Patch Notes

    Epic has released update v7.40 to Fortnite. The patch brings an update to the #SharetheLove event and fans will certainly

    A Hero, Villain, & Vampire Walk into the Fortnite Item Shop

    "Hero, villain or vampire? " - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the Criterion, Oblivion, and Sanctum outfits (Legendary,

    Build & Eat in Today's Fortnite Item Shop

    Don't be afraid to get a little messy. ūüćĒ

    Snowstrike & Guan Yu Outfits Hit Fortnite Item Shop

    "Embrace the warrior within." - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the Snowstrike out (Epic) alongside the Snowblades glider (Rare) and

    Apex Legends Release Numbers Conquer Fortnite & PUBG

    While some doubted the ability of Apex Digital to get close to the record-shattering release and growth of Fortnite, so

    New Firewalker Outfit Roars into Fortnite Item Shop

    "The dragon awakes. " - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes A DRAGON SKIN! The new Firewalker outfit (Rare)

    Fortnite v7.30 Adds Bottle Rockets, Vaults Boombox - Patch notes

    Fortnite v7.30 has gone live and brings with it a laundry list of new additions, changes, and takeaways. Starting with the

    Full Marshmello Fortnite Concert

    It was a big day for Fortnite and the gaming world today with a big live in-game event taking place,

    Cheat Sheet: Fortnite Season 7 Week 9 Challenges

    (Photo: thesquatingdog) The Season 7 Week 8 challenges have been released for Fortnite and Twitter user @thesquatingdog has once again provided fans of the massive

    New Fortnite Item Shop - January 29 to 30

    "The doctors are in...need a ride to them?" - Fortnite Twitter Today’s featured items section includes the Plague, Scourge, Cabbie, and Whiplash

    Dark Vanguard & Archetype Gear Orbit Fortnite Item Shop - January 28 to 29

    "Enter orbit. " - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the Dark Vanguard and Archetype outfits (Legendary/Epic) alongside the

    Fortnite NFL Outfits Returning for Patriots vs. Rams Super Bowl LIII

    Epic Games has revealed the return of their partnership with the National Football League (NFL) that will see the addition