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  • Official: shroud is returning to Twitch

    Michael "shroud" Grzesiek is heading home to Twitch the 26-year-old and the platform have announced. The popular streamer

    CS:GO American legend "nitrO" to transition to VALORANT

    According to ESPN, sources confirmed last Monday that

    Aghanim's Labyrinth: The best combination of heroes to win it all

    Aghanim's Labyrinth is the custom game that arrived with the TI10 Battle Pass, and it is a blast

    DrDisrespect addresses Twitch ban in first YouTube stream appearance

    In his first livestream back since his ban, DrDisrespect took to YouTube to give an update about his

    False alarm: Trump's prohibitions won't affect video game companies (for now)

    Last night, the gaming community was puzzled at

    Trump signs executive order that prohibits Tencent and WeChat transactions in the United States

    Following the back and forth discussions in the US regarding the possible ban of TickTok, president Donald Trump

    DrDisrespect goes live on YouTube in first appearance since Twitch ban

    DrDisrespect is officially "live" on YouTube. This comes just hours after he posted a parody news report

    DrDisrespect posts parody on Instagram stating he could go live "as soon as today"

    Folks, the two-time champ may be making his return to live streaming "as soon as today," according to

    Reports say Maybe and fy left PSG.LGD

    The Chinese tier one competitive scene is undergoing shuffle movements this month and the first bit of reports

    Mobile gaming surpasses PC in revenue in Malaysia & Singapore - MLBB leads the charge

    While PC and console gaming may still dominate worldwide, its hold on countries like Malaysia and Singapore has