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  • RobAJG: "We were constantly giving feedback but when [Artifact] launched, there were plenty of things missing."

    Photo by: RobAJG | Twitter Robert "RobAJG" Gonzales has been slinging cards in Magic: The Gathering for 25 years. "It's the

    Astralis’ Inferno, The Map that can Decide the Major

    Photo: By Helena Kristiansson for ESL Astralis built their era on two maps: Nuke and Inferno. Everyone knows the undefeated 27-0

    G2 vs TyLoo, The Battle of Legacy and Determination

    Photos: By Adela Sznajder for ESL The Majors Challenger Stage (formerly known as the Major Qualifiers) is purgatory. It is a

    The Boys go to the Legends Stage, A Renegades Story

    Photo: By Helena Kristiansson for ESL The last time a Renegades squad made it to the top 16 section of a

    Dota 2 Patch 7.21b: Winners, Losers and the Balance of Io

    Image: Wykrhm Reddy Valve released the 7.21 patch a few weeks ago and the first balance is out in the form

    Valve Snub Dota 2 Item Collectors with their New Treasure

    [Update - February 16]: Since the publication of this article, Valve replaced the Flowing Entropy Spectre set, but

    Purge’s Guides to Dating and Relationship Are All You Need on Valentine’s Day

    image by: WePlay Esports WePlay Esports have been a player in the esports industry for a few years now.

    Dota Auto Chess: The Best 11 Heroes in the Game

    Earlier, times were simple. Open up Dota 2 and search for a game. But now with Dota Auto Chess as

    Who can Stop Astralis?

    Photo: By Kirill for BLAST "They pray for the death of our dynasty like 'Amen' Right here stands a man With the power

    Shox vs NBK-, The French Civil War

    Photos: By DreamHack The French CS:GO scene is in a reign of terror. It was once a premier region as they