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Illidan: "No matter the result here at the Minor, we will continue to work hard"

photo by: StarLadder Old but Gold conquered the hearts of the Dota 2 fans present on the 9th of March in

Dota Auto Chess Surpasses 4M Subscribers: What’s Next?

Launched just at the beginning of January 2019, Dota Auto Chess is becoming a real phenomenon in the gaming industry,

Rich Interview: “With every esports event, I feel like I just make more friends”

Although the Chongqing Major is behind us, we are not ready yet to let go of the amazing games we

YapzOr Winner's Interview: "I was randomly looking at the heroes and their talents and I just saw Luna"

photo by: StarLadder Team Secret are the Chongqing Major Champions. Earlier today, they took down 3-1  to claim the trophy

ArsZeeqq interview: "RodjER is feeding too much"

photo by: StarLadder A day before the main event portion of the Chongqing Major we've sat and talked to the

Kyle Interview: “I built teams my whole career, I’m over it. I don’t have it in me anymore”

photo by: StarLadder A day before the action at the Chongqing Major moved into the BLOOMAGE Cultural and Sports Center, we

EHOME - ASD Interview: “We are here to learn”

At their first Major this season, EHOME have already secured a top six finish. They will open day two of

Fy Interview: “We practiced with Fnatic and the results were pretty even”

PSG.LGD Gaming will play their first game in front of their fans, on the second day of the Chongqing Major

Black^ Interview: "I thought of it as a joke build for pub games, but now people are using it at the Major"

photo by: StarLadder On the day off at the Chongqing Major, we caught with Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier. Amongst the things we discussed

Fade on Vici Gaming’s performance: “We didn't make any serious mistakes"

photo by: StarLadder The Chongqing Major main event is a few hours away. After a week of group stage and playoffs

“Remember Avatar from WC3? It will be something like that” - If EHOME could design Mars

At The International 2018 Valve promised that a completely new hero will be implemented to the game ‘this winter’. His

Players' Thoughts After BO1 Elimination Matches at The Chongqing Major

photo by: StarLadder Day two in the Playoffs of the Chongqing Major was an emotional one. Eight teams woke up this