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BnTeT linked to EXTREMUM CSGO roster - report

Hansel "⁠BnTeT⁠" Ferdinand is edging close to making the move from Gen.G to EXTREMUM. This information comes out of a

EXTREMUM sends B8 to Lower Division, CIS Regional League closed qualifiers complete

While the Lower Division final two slots are still disputed, all eight teams heading to the Upper Division of CIS

EXTREMUM look to bring in kassad, reunite him with 100T core - report

Just a day after Cloud9 announced the departure of Aleksandar "⁠kassad⁠" Trifunović there's reports he's already found a new home.

100 Thieves trio targeted by EXTREMUM - report

The 100 Thieves core of Aaron "⁠AZR⁠" Ward, Jay "⁠Liazz⁠" Tregillgas, and Sean "⁠Gratisfaction⁠" Kaiwai are on their way to