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Runeterra Patch 1.12 full Notes: Monuments of Power expansion

A new update arrives at Legends of Runeterra with Patch 1.12, and the Call of the Mountain set grows bigger

Call of the Mountain: Lulu, Trundle, 2 new keywords and new followers revealed

Riot Games keep revealing many cards, champions, keywords, and spells that the Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion

Taric revealed with new Followers and Spells. Diana and Leona could be the next

This week, Riot Games started revealing some of the cards, champions, and spells that Legends of Runeterra's Call of the

Call of the Mountain expansion: 4 new cards and Spellshield keyword revealed

Last Saturday 8th of August, Riot Games announced a new expansion for Legends of Runeterra called Call of the Mountain,

BlizzCon: Rastakhan's Rumble is Hearthstone's New Expansion

Rastakhan's Rumble will be Hearthstone's last expansion for 2019, the Year of the Raven, Blizzard officially announced during the Blizzcon

Report: Atlanta to Get an Overwatch League Franchise

According to a report from Jacob Wolf at ESPN, Atlanta is next on the list to receive an Overwatch League team.