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  • Auto Chess receives Best Innovative Game of 2019 award from Google

    Now a standalone title published by Dragonest, Auto Chess was developed at the beginning of 2019 by Drodostudio as an

    Tencent to co-publish Drodo Auto Chess in China

    World largest gaming company gets even more involved in the autobattler uprising genre. Dragonest and Drodo Studio announced Tuesday, July

    Drodo Studio announces $1,000,000 Auto Chess Invitational tournament

    Drodo Studio is the very first developer to have introduced the autobattler genre to the gaming world when they created

    Get ready for a 40-minute mobile game: Auto Chess mobile features no gameplay changes

    In an interview with TapTap, the Chinese portal for mobile games, the developer of Dota 2 Auto Chess, Drodostudio, answered

    Auto Chess goes mobile with a 1.5M USD league announced

    Drodo Studio, the Dota Auto Chess arcade mode developer announced today a mobile version of their game. The new franchise