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  • Valve finally shows what the Underlords in Underlords actually are

    Valve has been dropping a series of sneak peeks ahead of the Dota Underlords so-called Big Update: the patch that

    5082 players fought for a slot in WePlay! Dota Underlords Open main event

    Dota Underlords, Valve’s newest title hasn’t exit the open beta stage yet, so it doesn’t feature a tournament platform and

    Lycan switches Alliances, Arc Warden and Primordials hit hard by the latest Underlords patch

    The Mid-Season gameplay update brought some imbalance for the Primordials Alliance and especially for Arc Warden, who for the past

    Tidehunter and Enigma to receive nerfs and Alliance changes in the next Underlords patch

    A new Dota Underlords patch is announced to be deployed later this week and it will bring plenty of hero set to defend their ESL One Hamburg title

    ESL One Hamburg 2019 is currently the first Dota 2 tournament to proceed The International 2019 and the long running

    WePlay! Esports announces $15,000 open Dota Underlords tournament

    Mark the dates: July 27-28! That’s when everyone will be able to compete in the open qualifiers for WePlay! Esports’

    Dragon Alliance rework, new items and a bunch of buffs to come in Dota Underlords

    Most of the Dota Auto Chess enthusiasts who transitioned to Valve’s title were already looking with scepticism at the Dota

    Tutorial and ranked play are now available in Dota Underlords

    Dota Underlords open beta is expected to be released sometime this week, but before the game becomes available to everyone,

    Teamfight Tactics peaks over 210,000 viewers on launch day

    If day one viewership statistics are any indication (though usually they are not), Teamfight Tactics — the LoL Auto Chess mode

    Keys for friends and nerfs for Drow and Hunters in Dota Underlords

    A preview of Dota Underlords was launched by Valve on June 13 for all those who purchased a TI9 Battle

    Dota Underlords: New heroes and alliances

    The Dota Underlords beta has been released for the TI9 Battlepass owners and it is Valve's standalone game analogous to

    Leaked Dota Underlords features we should expect in open beta

    Dota Underlords was launched this week by Valve in what seems to be an early development stage. The game is