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The International 2020 Battle Pass hype train is here - all aboard!

One of our favourite parts of every year in the Dota 2 community is the release of the Battle Pass and

Valve extend the TI10 Collectors Cache submission deadline

Back in February 2020, Valve released a call to arms for artists throughout the Dota 2 community to submit their

Immortal Treasure III is here – 9 days before TI9 kicks off

A few minutes ago, Valve released a post on their Twitter account which confirmed that the Immortal Treasure III had been

TI9 reaches $20 million

With the Battle Level Bundle getting thrown into our hands last night, the prize pool for The International 2019 has spiked

$10,000,000 in three days – TI9 looks to break records

It has only been little over three days since The International 2019 Battle Pass was released into the grasp of

TI8 Immortal Treasure III is Bestowed Upon Us

Late last night Valve released a patch for Dota 2 which updated the Battle Pass with the broadcast talent for