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  • Kuku Versus China, The Epilogue

    Last night, Valve finally officially reacted to the ongoing  Carlo "Kuku" Palad vs China drama. While their press release lacks

    Valve Steps in After Attempted Cover up by TNC--Kuku Banned

    In the ongoing situation involving Kuku, TNC, and the Chongqing Major, Valve have stepped in with a statement. It was

    Chongqing Major Update: Valve Says TNC will not Incur a Point Penalty for Playing with a Stand-in

    There has been a lot of drama concerning TNC, Kuku and the Chongqing Major. TNC put up a series of

    J.Storm, Forward Gaming and Evil Geniuses Take Up the NA Slots for the Chongqing Major

    The North American qualifiers for the Chongqing Major have come to an end and we have the final pieces of

    Alliance, Secret and Liquid Qualify for the Chongqing Major

    Following the Chinese qualifiers end, Europe is the next region to have locked the three teams going to the second

    Aster, Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD Still Top 3 in China

    China’s qualifiers for the Chongqing Major concluded without any surprises in the book. The exact same three teams that proved

    Valve Disqualify the Former Pain X Roster from the Chongqing Major SA Qualifiers

    In a surprise announcement, Valve has disqualified 'test 123', the team comprising of most of the ex-Pain X members who

    test 123 and paiN Qualify – Playmakers Disqualified

    The South American Regional Qualifiers for The Chongqing Major reached their climax just a short time ago with test 123

    TNC and Fnatic Undefeated in the Group Stages of Chongqing Major SEA Qualifiers

    For the last few weeks TNC Predator were in the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. The drama caused

    Kuku Might Get Banned from the Chongqing Major

    Tomorrow, November 25, TNC Predator are expected to play in the Southeast Asia regional qualifiers for the second Major of

    Beyond the Summit, RuHUB and StarLadder Bring the Chongqing Major Qualifiers Coverage

    The Dota 2 scene is preparing for a five-day qualifiers marathon. The second Major of the season, the Chongqing Major

    OG and Team Secret Seeded in the Same Group at Chongqing Major Qualifiers

    StarLadder and ImbaTV, organizers of the Chongqing Major announced today the closed qualifiers groups seeding. However, there is still one

    “Except for Ame and xNova, the rest of the players have already been fined” - PSG.LGD Manager Explains the KL Major Result

    PSG.LGD finished the previous season with a commendable second place at The International 2018 and given the fact that the