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  • CDA denies threat claims from Newbee and confirms to have sent all interview records to Valve

    Accused of match fixing activities and banned from all major Chinese tournaments, Newbee issued earlier today a three days notice

    Newbee issue lawyer notice to CDA asking for evidence for the match-fixing allegations

    Newbee, The International champion caliber organization,  got banned by all major Chinese tournament organizers and got excluded from the Chinese

    Keen Gaming Manager announces the club disbandment

    In a post made on Weibo, today, May 20, Wu "Fyms" Junying , manager for the Dota 2 team of Keen

    Newbee expelled from the Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association, all players lifetime banned from Imba and CDA events for match fixing

    Newbee, one of the eight founding organizations of Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association(CDA) have received a lifetime ban from CDA and

    Sparking Arrow Gaming currently unbeaten after 3 weeks of CDA League Season 1

    China’s Dota 2 Professional Association league has just finished its third week of action and with that, only one week remains

    DPL and CDA Chinese leagues merge in a one, bigger event

    Set to commence tomorrow, 4th of April, the seventh season of Dota 2 Professional League (DPL) is cancelled as the organizer,

    CDA China DOTA2 Professional League begins on March 23, invites, format and schedule announced

    Aimed at maintaining a competitive schedule and to provide a platform for the Chinese scene to keep the training session

    A Chinese Dota 2 league has been formed as COVID-19 continues to spread globally

    Amidst the current outbreak of the COVID-19 situation, there are many events in Dota 2 that are popping up to give